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Normal Rates PriceConditions
Full 3 hours 30€ Adults
Social 3 hours 24€ Age 4 to 15 years.
Over 60
2 hours 22€ From 6 p.m Mon-Tue
Except public holidays
2 hours 24€ From 6 p.m Fri-Sun and public holidays
3 hours
Free Up to 3 years
3-hour family packsPrice of packPrice per person
2 Adults + 2 children (4-15 years) 100€ 25€
2 Adults + 3 children (4-15 years) 120€ 24€
2 Adults + 4 children (4-15 years)  138€ 23€
2 Adults + 5 children (4-15 years) 154€ 22€
Proof of age is required for children
Special RatesPriceConditions
Package 2-hours Ticket + Lunch Buffet 43€ From Monday to Sunday
Children’s Package (4-15 years) 36€ From Monday to Sunday
Package Evening Ticket + Dinner Buffet 43€ Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Children’s Package (4-15 years) 36€ Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Package 2-hours Ticket + Full Chiromassage 45 min 68€ Monday to Sunday
Package 2-hours Ticket + Total Chiromassage 60 min 81,50€ Monday to Sunday
Group Rate(From 20 persons)PriceConditions
3-hour full rate 27€ Adults
Multiple TicketsPriceConditions
Ticket valid for 10 admissions
270€ 10% discount on full rate. Adults. One use per day.
Ticket valid for 20 admissions
480€ 20% discount on full rate. Adults. One use per day.
Multiple tickets entitle the user to one single admission per day. Valid for all opening days. The uses must be consumed during the current year and may not be accumulated nor exchanged for their monetary value. Promotions cannot be accumulated with other offers or discounts.
Season TicketsPriceConditions
Unlimited admission for all days
515€ Valid for 3 months from purchase.
Unlimited admission for all days
920€ Valid for 6 months from purchase.
Unlimited admission for all days
1.475€ Valid for one year from purchase.
All season ticket holders obtain exclusively and free of charge the MAGMA VIP card. Anual season tickets can be paid for in 3-monthly or 6-montly instalment without interest charges. The duration of each season ticket is counted by months when the Centre is open, the holiday closing period not being counted.
MAGMA VIP CardPriceConditions
Exclusive for season ticket holders Free 10% discount in our restaurant.
5% discount on an SPA service.
Cards are personal and non-transferrable. Validity in accordance with the duration of the season ticket. The card will automatically expire with the season ticket or at the moment of ceasing to be a season ticket holder. To take advantage of the discounts, the card must be presented at Reception- Discounts cannot be accumulated with other offers or promotions.
Buffet Restaurant     Price     Conditions
Buffet 21€ Adults
Children’s Buffet 14€ Age 4 to 15 years
Infants Free Up to 3 years
Face TreatmentsPrice
Express Facial Cleansing
Facial cleansing with immediate action products. Blackhead extraction noy included.
35,50 €
Body TreatmentsImport
Pressotherapy (30 minutes)
Acts on the abdomen, pelvis and legs, helping to drain liquids and eliminate cellulitis.
36,50 €
Complete anti - cellulite pack (50 minutes)
Includes anti-cellulite massage and pressotherapy session.
66,00 €
Body Peeling (45 minutes)
Exfoliating body scrub based on bee’s wax. egg yolk, mineral salts, and vitamins C and E, to stimulate the microcirculation, moisturise, nurture and soften the skin.
50,90 €
Body peel with precious stones (45 minutes)
Exfoliating body scrub based on finely powdered precious stones, with diamond, sapphire and ruby.
52,00 €
Chocolate body peel (45 minutes)
Exfoliator based on cocoa particles and moisturing with chocolate oil. Smooth, delectable experience that caresses the skin, awakens the senses, liberates tensions and provides wellbeing.
52,00 €
Local Chiromassage 20 min. 23,00 €
Partial Chiromassage 30 min. 32,50 €
Full Chiromassage 45 min. 46,00 €
Total Chiromassage
Chiromassage is a manual technique used on the muscle-skeleton system to relieve muscle tension, stimulate the nervous system and produce a calming relaxing effect.
60 min. 59,50 €
Geothermal Massage
Geothermal massage using hot volcanic stones applied to different parts of the body, with soothing properties. This relaxing effect improves the circulation, relieves muscle tension, and provides a feeling of balance and well-being.
60 min. 69,30 €
Head-to-Toe Massage
Relaxing head-to-toe massage.
60 min. 80,00€
Foot Massage
Specifically intended to relax and provide relief for tired feet.
20 min. 23,00 €
Cranio-Cervical Massage
Combination of massage and stretching, especially recommended for relieving muscle tension in the cervical region.
20 min. 26,00 €
Craniofacial Relaxation
A relaxing massage of the head and face combined with the application of essential oils.
20 min. 26,00 €
Chocolate Massage
Relaxing massage with hot chocolate oil.
30 min. 38,50 €
Back Massage
Massage concentrating on the back to relieve muscle tension and stiffness.
45 min. 48,00 €
Aromatic Massage
Relaxing massage with essential oils.
45 min. 46,00 €
Pinda Spcie Massage
Massage with exotic spice pindas applied with natural benzoin Siam resin to help relaxation and relieve tension and stress.
60 min. 80,50 €
Foot Reflexotherapy
Simulation of various points of the foot that are connected to different parts of the body via nerve and energy-flow channels, improving metabolic functions and reactivating the immune system
30 min. 35,50 €
Anti-Cellulite Massage 30 min. 38,00 €
Parcial Lymphatic Drainage 30 min. 36,20 €
Total Lymphatic Drainage Lymphatic drainage is a gentle manual technique that acts on the lymphatic circulation, activating the metabolism and helping to eliminate toxins. 60 min. 65,00 €
Masajes for children (10-15 years old) accompanied throughout by an adultTimePrice
Relaxing back massage 20 min. 20,00 €
Relaxing leg and back massage 30 min. 30,00 €
Cranio-facial massage 20 min. 22,00 €
Foot reflexology 20 min. 24,00 €

Special TreatmentsPrice
Mediterranean Caresses
Includes sea mud wrap and a total chiromassage. Recommended for releasing the nervous tension and anxiety caused by physical and mental exhaustion.
84,50 €
Tired Legs
Circulation massage with compression therapy session, specifically indicated for circulation disorders and problems deriving from tired, congested legs.
56,50 €
Sweet Seduction
Cocoa body peel, followed by chocolate wrap and massage with hot chocolate oil, specifically indicated for releasing toxins and remodelling the figure.
84,50 €
Chocolate Temptation
Chocolate body peel followed by relaxing massage with hot chocolate oil.
75,00 €
The Body Beautiful
Full relaxing treatment including exfoliating body scrub, partial chiromassage and express facial treatment.
115,00 €
Exotic Ritual
Pinda Spice massage with nourishing anti-oxidant properties combined with body peel to moisturise the skin.
115,00 €
Day Suggestions Price 
Programme A · 1 One-day ticket to the Thermal Leisure Centre (without time limitation)
· 1 Masaje Mixto (60 min.)
· 1 Service in the Buffet Restaurant
105,00 €  
Programme B · 1 One-day ticket to the Thermal Leisure Centre (without time limitation)
· 1 Express Facial Cleansing Treatment or 1 Express Facial Cleansing Treatment exclusively for men. (45 min.)
· 1 Partial Chiromassage (30 min.)
· 1 Service in the Buffet Restaurant
117,00 €  
Programme C · 1 One-day ticket to the Thermal Leisure Centre (without time limitation)
· 1 Sea Mud Wrap (60 min.)
· 1 Aromatic Massage (45 min.)
· 1 Service in the Buffet Restaurant
150,00 €  
Programme D · 1 One-day ticket to the Thermal Leisure Centre (without time limitation)
· 1 Body Peel (45 min.)
· 1 Head-to-foot Massage (75 min.)
· 1 Service in the Buffet Restaurant
175,00 €  
Over 55 years
· 1 One-day ticket to the Thermal Leisure Centre (without time limitation)
· 1 Aromatic Massage (45 min.)
· 1 Service in the Buffet Restaurant
75 €  
Programmes available every day of the week, during the Centre’s opening periods. Advancce booking essential.  
Body WrapsPrice
Remodelling Algae
Firms the figure and helps to eliminate liquids and toxins.
40,90 €
Delicious cocoa wrap that nurtures and remodels the figure.
52,50 €
Sea Mud
Sea mud detoxicates and provides minerals, producing a healthier skin.
55,10 €

Pack 5 Chiromassages

138,00 €
Pack 10 Chiromassages
Multi-ticket for 5 or 10 partial chiromassages (30 minutes) with a 15% discount. This pack allows only one massage per day.
276,00 €
Compression therapy 10-pack
10 compression therapy treatment with 15%discount. Holders are only entitled to one compression therapy treatment per day.
310,00 €
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