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Enjoy the Thermal Leisure Area

From Reception you go into the changing-rooms, where you can change comfortably in one of the booths. Leave your personal effects in a locker, which operates with the bracelet that you receive on arrival to the Centre. Just choose a free locker, wave the braelet over the lock and close the door.

Your admission time is counted from the moment you enter through the turnstile until you leave: this means that the time you spend in the changing-room, on both entry an exit, is included.

If you choose the combination of thermal leisure area entrance ticket and restaurant service, please note that youy time in the thermal leisure area cannot be divided up. For this reason, the restaurant service should always be taken before your time in the thermal leisure area or after you have finished there.

  • Central Spa. A water surface of 250 m2 with maximum depth of 1.50 m at 33-35ºC. Counter-current river, hydromassage benches et beds, and bubble basin.
  • Hydromassage Basins. Capacity for eight persons each, depth o.85 m and temperature 33-35ºC.
  • Swimming Pool. Length 25 m, maximum depth 1.60 m and temperature 26-29ºC.
  • Children's Zone. A small pool 5 m wide and 30 cm deep, adapted with water games for babies and children up to the age of five.
  • Mirador. 3 Gravitarium cabins with dry heat 55-65º, 3 elevated jacuzzi (2 outdoor and 1 indoor) 95 cm deep, temperature 32-35º. 
  • Outdoor Spas. Ther larger of the two, with a water surface of 270 m2, maximum depth 1,45 m, offers jet sparys and mushroom cascades. The second, with a water surface of 126 m2 and a maximum depth of 1.45 m, offers differents hydromassage benches and jet sprays at a temperature of 32-34ºC.
  • Hammam or Steam Bath. Moist heat of around 60ºC. Recommended for relieving colds, muscle contractures and states of tension or stress. Favours breathing and relaxation.
  • Dry or Finnish Sauna. Dry heat of around 75ºC. Recommended for relieving rheumatic or articular pains. Favours muscle relaxation, reduces tension and eliminates toxins.
  • Roman Bath with Chromotherapy. Slightly mois heat of around 50º. Combines chromotherapy with a light eucalyptus vapour. Favours general relaxation.
  • Contrast Showers. At different temperature, stimulating blood circulation between one sauna and the next.
  • Ice Pit. Helps toning and stimulates blood circulation through the contrast of temperatures.
  • Rest Area. Heat beds at 38ºC to stretch out and rest. The heat acts on the nervous system and helps to relax the muscles. 
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