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Magma has developed a comprehensive internal COVID 19 infection prevention program to guarantee a safe environment for visitors and workers. All of our professionals have received specific training in prevention of Covid 19 and are equipped with all the Individual Protection Elements (PPE). Apart from strict internal cleaning and disinfection protocols with products approved by the Ministry of Health, we must highlight the following measures:

Upon arrival at Magma and before checking in, the temperature of all visitors will be taken and access will not be allowed to people with values higher than 37.4º

You should postpone your visit if you have a fever or symptoms compatible with Covid 19 such as cough, breathing difficulties, general tiredness, loss of sense of taste or smell, etc ...

The use of a mask is compulsory for people over 6 years of age in all the Center's facilities, except for the spas and saunas.

We recommend wearing your bathing clothes to speed up the entry process and reduce the time you use the changing rooms.

To guarantee maximum security in the entry and exit processes, an access system has been planned for time slots with limited capacity. Prior reservation is required to guarantee your entry and choose the time slot that best suits your needs. You can do it directly online on our website

Please respect the assigned arrival time. If it were delayed, it would not be possible to access until a next time slot with available places. In the case of combined reservations of baths and restaurant or baths and massages, you can contact us directly at 972 84 35 35 or send us an email to Children up to 3 years old have free admission.

In order to enjoy the treatment, you must bring the single-use mask that will be delivered to you at the Reception.

All massage services are performed under strict security protocols to guarantee the health of our clients and that of our therapists.

Access to the restaurant will be done by time slots and with limited capacity. The use of a mask is mandatory from 6 years of age in the waiting process and to approach the buffets. We have provided hydroalcoholic gel and single-use gloves available to customers

All official studies indicate that the safest waters for bathing are those treated with chlorine or bromine (as happens with the thermal waters of Magma) since the constant presence of disinfectant and the automated control of the pH level prevent the spread of the virus.

The high temperatures of the saunas are also an element of containment of the spread of the virus, the gauges will be controlled in order to also guarantee social distancing.

In the different sections of our website you can consult more specific measures and specifications applied in each area or service.

Magma has made its cancellation policies and date changes more flexible to guarantee the rights of our clients and adapt to current circumstances.

NOTE: All this information can be seen in some way modified depending on the evolution of the legal regulations to apply at all times.

To enter the thermal leisure area women should wear a swimsuit or bikini and men should wear swimming briefs or trunks and a towel should be taken in. Tangas are not permitted. It is not permitted to access the centre wearing any kind of footwear. The use of swimming caps is not obligatory. If you wish to, you can rent a towel at the Centre, and there are also swimsuits on sale.
Purchasing the entry ticket entitles you to access the thermal leisure area and the sauna and body cares zones. The thermal area comprises an indoor zone with a central spa at 36ºC where you can enjoy a Jacuzzi, hydromassage benches and beds, bubble basin, counter-current streams... a single space to swim and a privileged spas for babies. In the Mirador area, you can find 3 Gravitarium cabins and 3 elevated jacuzzis (2 outdoor and 1 indoor). The outdoor zone contains two saps at different temperatures. The biggest spa is at ambient temperature with massage jets and cascades: the second spa offers different hydromassage benches and massage jets at a temperature of 33ºc.
Children and babies may acces the thermal zone at any age, bearing in mind that children under 2 years old can only access the children’s area, accompanied at all times by an adult. For safety reasons, children and babies of up to 2 years of age cannot access areas that are specifically marked with ’Babies not allowed’ signs. From the age of 2, children can access the other spas of the main floor using armbands or buoyancy bubbles (obligatory up to and including the age of 5) and under the supervision and constant control of an adult. I’ts forbidden the access to the "Mirador Area"for children under 5 years, as well as, the use of saunas for children under 14 years.?
The minimum age at which you can access the Centre alone is 16. Children under 16 years of age may only access the Centre under the responsibility and constant supervision of an adult.
For safety reasons, Magma does not recommend pregnant women to use the facilities. Bathing in therma waters could provoke premature dilation and a drop in blood pressure, due to the sedative effect of the water which could cause a lack of oxygen to the foetus. In addition, the massaging action produced by the bubbles or jets of water directly on the abdominal area could be risky, and there are areas where the floor is wt which could be a slip hazard. Please note that Magma is not a medical centre. Pregnant women are advised to consult their doctor.
For safety reasons treatments will not be carried out on pregnant women.?
Magma advises against using the facilities if you have had a tracheotomy. This is due to the depth of the swimming pools and spas.?
Admission time in the baths is counted from the moment you enter the turnstile until you leave. This means that time spent in the changing room, on both entry and exit, is included.?
The lockers are activated using the bracelet you receive when you buy your ticket. The mechanism is operated by a chip that opens and closes the locker you choose. Once you close the locker using your bracelet, it can only be opened again by the same bracelet.?
Admission time in the baths is counted from the moment you enter the turnstile unitl you leave, which means that once you have left the facilities re-entry is not permitted even if you have not used up all your remaining time.?
If you are receiving a Magma Spa Club treatment or massage, your bathing time will be increased by an extra hour provided that the hours of the service coincide with bathing hours. Under no circumstances will treatment time subtract from your time in the thermal baths.
Magma has a limited capacity and therefore we always recommend that you make a reservation. Reservations are essential at the weekends and during high season.?
Reservations for the thermal leisure area only can be made using the ServiCaixa system or through travel agencies. Entrance tickets for the baths only can not be reserved by telephone. If you do not have a reservation for the same day, we recommend you call ahead before coming to the Centre to enquire about the space available. If there are places available in the thermal leisure area, under exceptional circumstances it is possible to book by telephone, but only for the same day and depending on capacity. If you wish to combine the thermal leisure are with the services of the Magma Spa club or the Buffet Restaurant you may contact the Reception and Reservations Department directly by calling: (0034) 972 84 35 35, and make a reservation (depending on availability of places). Please note that both the Magma Spa Club services and the Buffet Restaurant have limited places available and therefore it is necessary to make your reservation as a early as possible.
Although Magma recommends reserving your ticket in advance, if there are places available on the day you can buy your ticket directly from Reception. In this case it is best to call ahead before coming to the Centre to enquire about the space available and make a reservation if there are places. This way you will already have your place booked when you arrive at Magma.
To access the thermal zone it is essential to be wearing a swimsuit and have paid the entrance fee. Under no circumstances will you be allowed access to the thermal zone while dressed.
Unfortunately Magma does not offer an area for people accompanying others, therefore everyone who wishes to access the facilities should bring a swimsuit. We recommend that you check you have brought your swimsuit before buying your ticket, as refunds are not given.
Our Buffet Restaurant offers a carefully selected choice of saladas, typical Catalan stewed dishes and a wide selection of barbecued meat. Thre price of the Buffet includes (per person) the first drink, and the desserts, coffees and infusions of your choice. Please note that second drinks must be paid for separately in the Restaurant.
As the Restaurant is located outside the thermal zone customers must be correctly dressed: swimsuits or bathrobes are not permitted.
Gift vouchers are available for any of the services in our catalogue. To purchase gift vouchers you can go directly to Reception and buy the vouchere there, otherwise contact the Reception and Reservations Department by calling (0034) 972 84 35 35, where you can also receive information about purchasing gift vouchers by email.?
It is possible to purchase open-dated gift vouchers. Please note that it is essential to telephone and confirm the date of the visit as far in advance as possible in order to guarantee entry. The Gift Voucher cans be used within one year from the date of purchase.?
Magma has a large free car park available for all our clients, with reserved parking places for people with reduced mobility.
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